Sagar Institute 0f technology & Management, Department of Pharmacy

Sagar Institute of Technology and Management Department of Pharmacy have excellent laboratory facilities for carrying out teaching and research activities in various disciplines of Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmaceutics involve designing, formulation of therapeutically useful chemical compositions in suitable dosage forms viz. tablets, syrups, capsules and parenteral preparations along with new drug delivery system. Our lab is well equipped with the instruments that provide a basic training of handling of instruments at laboratory scale which build a platform for industry level.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

Pharmaceutical chemistry concerns with medicinal analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, bio-chemistry, inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry etc. Our lab is well equipped with latest equipments to synthesize and characterize new chemical entities.

Pharmacology and HAP Laboratory

Pharmacology is the branch of pharmaceutical science which involves the study of pharmacological action of drug on the body tissues. We have all the instruments which are related to pharmacological studies. This lab also includes Animal House approved by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) and Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) as an essential requirement for experiments.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Pharmacognosy concerns with knowledge of medicines of natural origin, their cultivation & collection, their active constituents, & microscopic characters along with the extraction and isolation procedures as well as quality control and analytical validations. Our lab is well equipped with the instruments and able to train the students for their future prospects. Herbal Garden is one of the essential parts of this lab which includes 73+ of the medicinal plants growing under supervision.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory

The Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab is well equipped with all the analytical instruments which provide accuracy in analytical tests of drugs and their quantification.

Machine Room

Machine room is well equipped with the instruments such tablet punching machine, capsule filling machine, tablet coating machine, ampoule washing and filling machines etc. which are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Central Instrumentation Room

This lab is well equipped with latest instruments viz. UV-Vis spectrophotometer, colorimeter, I.R spectrophotometer, HPLC etc. which is helpful in characterization of compounds and quantitative analysis of drug.

Pharmacy Practice Laboratory

Our lab is well equipped with the equipments used for general pharmaceutical preparations and experiments.