Sagar Institute 0f technology & Management, Department of Pharmacy

Sports & Recreation

Sagar Institute of Management and Technology, Department of Pharmacy takes interest in providing ample opportunities and facilities for sports and games activities. The college aims at the holistic development of each student and the sports club activities have an important role in this.

Sagar Institute can be proud of its endeavors; in providing the students with a cemented basketball court, lawn tennis court, volleyball court, shuttle badminton court, football court, cricket court, athletic field and gymnasium facilities. The college also provides indoor facilities for table tennis, carroms and chess. We feel happy and fulfilled that our students make the best use of the facilities provided.

The Physical Education division at Sagar Institute provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities. Since students develop and organize their own teams for various games, they have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills. Wide facilities are provided at Sagar Institute for the development of sports.